Services Overview

PCU Corporation offers comprehensive planning, estimating, and construction management services for clients and projects of all sizes in every major industry involved in engineering, infrastructure, and natural resources.

We begin by understanding the corporate and social context of the client’s vision, and defining the project scope. We then apply our detailed engineering-based methodologies in a manner tailored to the specific needs of the project.

The PCU approach ensures clear understanding, reduced risk, and fully auditable deliverables at each stage of planning and execution of the project estimate and cost control.

We divide our services broadly into two categories. Discover what sets apart the PCU methodology from finance-focused analysis and how we ensure successful proejct execution for our clients.

Planning Phase

Estimating & Scheduling

Encompasses everything from initial conceptual estimating and scheduling to detailed trade-off studies, optimization, bankable feasibility studies, and final capital budget and schedule approval.

Execution Phase

Cost Control

Includes contract management, project controls, earned value analysis, change management, progress measurement, forecasting to completion, and project close-out.


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