Power Transmission — From conceptual planning of transmission lines, comparing routes and designs, to detailed analysis of the effects of the number and composition of crews on the project schedule and cost, PCU System is intended to manage and optimize projects at all stages. Start with a detailed unit costs on a per pole or per meter of line basis

Hydroelectric — Built on assemblies of unit costs for all kinds of earthworks and concrete work as well as a range of sizes of turbine, power transmission, and monitoring equipment, the PCU System database is a comprehensive reference of all activities in dam and hydroelectric construction. From small run-of-river operations, to massive works with dozens of subcontracts and dedicated quarries and concrete plants, PCU System provides the tools to manage cost data and optimize the project at every stage.

Oil, Gas, and LNG — Refinery and pipeline projects are some of the most technically complex from an engineering perspective, so PCU System’s scalable architecture, able to handle hundreds of thousands of activities and sub-activities by design, is the ideal solution. O&G projects also benefit from the vast library of pipe materials, sizes, ratings, and construction methodologies that come ready to use in the PCU database.

Fuel Storage and Distribution — Almost every project requires equipment that consumes fuel, so PCU System has a large library of storage systems for all sizes of project and for all fuel types. This includes LNG storage facilities, dispensing equipment, and fuel piping for permanent equipment and cathodic-protected buried outdoor pipelines.

Power Generation—With a wide range of structural designs, generic mechanical and electrical equipment, in addition to turbines and generators, PCU System is ready to use for estimating large power plants immediately. Solid and liquid fuel unloading and storage, tanks, fans, pumps, piping, instrumentation, and electrical equipment including switches and transformers are all included.

PCU is seeking strategic partnerships in nuclear and renewable power generation technology. In exchange for assistance in database development, PCU can offer estimating and cost control solutions and PCU System software licenses at reduced rates or free of charge. Contact us to inquire about this opportunity.


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