Automated Cost Control

PCU System manages all construction management activities in one integrated package, and is designed to be adapted to the specific execution and contracting strategy of each project.

With a properly structured baseline estimate and schedule, change orders, work progress data, escalation rules, and earned value rules of credit all in the secure database, PCU System will automatically calculate earned, planned, scheduled, and forecast completion for any scenario by period and compare it to the baseline.

Total earned value, earned utilization, escalation, changes, and performance metrics can be presented by contract, WBS, CoA, resource, and any other categorization with additional queries.

Contract Models

PCU System's estimating and cost control modules support many types of contracts and payment models, individually and in combination, so that any project implementation strategy can be accurately captured and appropriate reports and calculations can be produced.

Supported compensation models include the following:

  • Unit Price  
  • Time & Materials  
  • Lump Sum 
  • Maximum Price 
  • Performance Incentives 
  • Cost Reimbursable  


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