PCU provides comprehesive or supplementary estimating services through two channels:

  • Consulting; estimate delivery, corporate standardization, best practices, estimate reviews, database development.
  • Subscriptions to the PCUSystem platform master database and estimating module. Learn more about PCUSystem

Our estimating process begins by establishing a project scope coding system based on a WBS and CoA, in coordination with engineering and management teams. Key elements of the estimating process include the following:

  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) or Code of Accounts (CoA) or Commodity Codes (CC)
  • Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Quantity take-offs by WBS/COA
  • Labour rates, construction equipment rates, material prices, and vendor quotations
  • Crew and productivity analysis based on construction methodology
  • Analysis of indirect costs
  • Cost estimates generated at each level of WBS & COA
  • Cash flow & resource utilization forecasts
  • Basis of estimate documentation


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