Mining & Minerals

Mining projects are often located in remote locations and require the construction of basic infrastructure in addition to the actual mine and processing facilities. Developing a mining project in PCU System, you can incorporates estimates from the transportation, energy, water management, and buildings modules in into a project and price the mine itself using the large library of underground mining equipment, surface mining equipment, mining services, and permanent and mobile process equipment.

PCU System accelerates the process of evaluating process options and project feasibility under different scenarios at every stage by providing template activities for all aspects of a project, and has been successfully used for precious metals, base metals, and industrial/specialty minerals project estimates.

PCU System’s WBS templates streamline the process of dividing the scope of work between different consultants and contractors in early planning stages, and will assist in preparing bills of quantity when the project is ready to be built.

While the comprehensive database can speed up the estimating process, the real power of PCU System is in the flexibility to handle complex projects with multiple construction phases, multiple locations with different conditions and currencies, unique construction methodologies, and specialized equipment and processes.

PCU System covers all the aspects of mining project estimation:

  • Open Pit, Underground, and Combined Mine Development
  • Comminution, Flotation, Solid-Liquid Separation, Various Physical and Chemical Extraction Processes
  • Material Handling, Concentrate/Product Transport & Storage
  • Remote Site Infrastructure, Fuel Storage, Power Generation, Logistics
  • Roads, Seaports, Airports, Rail Terminals
  • Water, Wastewater, and Tailings Management
  • Camp and other Site Facilities

PCU System’s uncertainty, risk, and contingency analysis and calculations validates estimates against NI 43-101 and CIM standards in Canada for estimate accuracy.


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