Civil work was the first domain to be analyzed by PCU, so the current PCU System database includes all scales of earthworks, from small site grading jobs to massive quarries, and covers a wide range of analyses for each activity, such as excavation of common soil, rock, mixed material, permafrost, sand, loose rock, and more. For transportation infrastructure, this means PCU System users can accurately estimate all types of jobs for a wide range of site conditions and economic contexts.

Road designs and costs can vary significantly depending on size, materials used, and what modifications to existing topography are needed. With experience estimating every size of corridor from small dirt and gravel paths to multi-lane asphalt and concrete expressways, the PCU System database has appropriate templates for every type of road and highway.

Our road design and estimating experience extends to bridge construction and repair, as well as the excavation and finishing of underground tunnels.

With growing demand for light rail transit systems within cities, bringing accurate cost estimates to city officials early in the design and planning phase can help to compare alternatives and make smart trade-offs before committing to develop a project. PCU System comes complete with the activities and resources to price these projects quickly, in addition to those required for estimating traditional freight and passenger heavy rail projects.

With equipment and analysis needed for shoreline stabilization, dredging, and dock construction, in addition to the structural (buildings) database, PCU System is ready to analyze and estimate all transportation infrastructure, including airports, sea ports, and freight terminals


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