PCUSystem Overview

Building on decades of experience in software development for estimating and construction management in collaboration with contractors, corporations, and governments, PCUSystem is a complete integrated platform designed on PCU’s framework of methodologies ensuring the flexibility to provide a complete solution for almost any industry, project phase, and execution strategy.

Key Features—Estimating

PCU System provides an integrated cloud-based estimating interface that can be easily adapted to your organization's standards and processes:

  •  Calculate Estimates based on Unit Cost (Activities) Analysis from infinite levels of Sub Costs (Sub Activities)
  •  Import & Export estimate data from Excel templates or older versions of PCU
  •  Instantly access industry-specific Unit Cost & Unit Rate databases
  • Maintain updated Resources Prices by industry & region
  • Maintain updated Unit Cost Analysis by industry & region
  •  Analyze Construction Equipment and Labour Costs
  •  Calculate all Indirect Costs (Fixed and Variable), and Owners costs
  •  Reporting library with various designs for every report and templates for World Bank, IADB, and other organizational standards
  •  Integrate with each activity (Unit cost) specification through MS Word
  •  Integrate with MS Project to time-phase all activities and costs
  •  Automatically produce execution planning documents with the project schedule
  •  Schedule Procurement of Materials
  •  Generate Cash Flow Projections

Key Features—Cost Control

PCU System manages all project cost control activities in one integrated package, and is designed to be adapted to the specific execution and contracting strategy of each project. Basic functions include:

  •  Measure work progress as quantities accomplished or based on rules of credit
  •   Manage multiple contracts and procurement processes simultaneously
  •   Incorporate budget and schedule changes based on the existing contract or with new unit cost analysis
  •   Calculate payments based on earned value, using a time & materials, unit price, or lump sum basis
  •   Analyze cost & schedule performance and adjust plans accordingly
  •   Compare planned, earned, forecast, and actual values throughout the project
  •   Escalate unit prices and budgets according to contract terms
  •   Capture actual performance data for reference in future budgets


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