PCU Master Databases

PCU System's continuously updated and expanded databases include libraries of resources and activities with regional pricing and productivity data, specific to your industry. PCUSystem currently serves five major industries:

  • Transportation Highways, Bridges, Heavy & Light Rail, Ports, Airports
  • Mining & Mineral Processing Precious Metals, Base Metals, Industrial Minerals
  • Energy Power Transmission, Oil & Gas, Hydroelectric, Fuel Systems
  • Water & wastewater Management Dams, Ponds, Channels, Embankments, Treatment Systems & Faciltiies
  • Buildings Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional

Each database includes all the specific labour, equipment, materials, and services used to execute a project. Critically, the activities are composed from these resources so you have a complete library of ready-to-use unit rates that will automatically adjust to your local project conditions, fuel prices, labour burdens, and other variables. This also enables you to input prices as quoted by vendors or contractors and adjust crews to match your execution plan.

The flexible design of PCUSystem allows you to add, modify, or remove any resources or activities to the master database to suit your business. Spreadsheets of resources can be easily imported or exported so you can quickly begin to produce estimates with your own data and transfer it to other software for your own analysis or verification.

PCU System also has a catalog of work breakdown structures (WBS) and codes of accounts (COA) to use as templates when starting an estimate.

International Design

PCU System enables truly international cost management, with cost data in national and foreign currencies kept separate to match the currency in which each cost in incurred, and transparent currency conversion if it is required.

Currency conversion rates are stored for each month along with escalation indices, so costs and prices in PCUSystem are accurate to the exact date they are assigned.


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