PCU provides comprehesive or supplementary project controls services through two channels:

  • Consulting; baseline development, change control and earned value managment processes, data capture & quantity surveying/measurement, corporate standardization & best practices.
  • Subscriptions to the PCUSystem platform master database and cost control module. Learn more about PCUSystem

PCU's advanced cost control capability relies on our proprietary software platform.

PCU System manages all project cost control activities in one integrated package, and is designed to be adapted to the specific execution and contracting strategy of each project. Basic functions include:

  • Development of cost control objectives, processes, and selection of software & systems
  • Baseline estimate development
  • Transference of cost models or estimate data to control budgets
  • Live project schedule
  • Change control with orders coded to append to or modify the current control budget(s)
  • Earned value management system with live curves, data entry templates, and forecasting

Estimates from PCUSYstem Estimation can be immediately imported and data can be connected to other project controls systems.


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